About Mr. Money

Mr. Money has been helping the Utah community for over 20+ years. We started right here in Utah with just one store in Sunset, Utah. As we’ve grown through the years we’ve always kept the local community in mind. Our friendly business takes the small-town approaching to helping out our customers. Just as every individual is unique, we also understand that every city and community is just as unique. Our employees understand what makes their city and it’s residents so special.

We currently have 21 Locations throughout Northern Utah. While we’ve grown, we have chosen to keep our rates the same low rates that we offered the first day we opened. We are proud to offer these same low rates for 20+ years to our customers. Helping our customers is what we enjoy doing most!

Every day we make the effort to show our customers that we provide them the best service. We hire employees with the compassion and understanding that is necessary to offer you the #1 Customer Satisfaction in our industry. Customer service is the most important piece of our business, and we will work for you to keep you as a happy and loyal Mr. Money customer.

We understand that financial troubles can happen to anyone. At some point, money problems arise for everyone… Even the good guys.

Mr. Money understands and that’s why we’re here for you. Whether you have a medical bill that needs to be paid or just want some extra cash to buy a gift or take that last minute vacation. Whatever the reason, Mr. Money is your financial specialist. While most of our competitors offer all kinds of different and confusing loans options, Mr. Money keeps our focus limited so that we can offer you a service that is better than everyone else. You can trust Mr. Money to be there to help out when it comes to your Installment Loan.

Our mission

Our #1 Customer Service Mission to you:

  • Understand the needs of our customers
  • Offer a personalized service to every customer
  • Listen to our customers situation so that we can provide the best available option
  • Low Rates: We’ve kept the same low rates we had the day we first opened
  • Safe & Secure: Your privacy is important to us. All of your personal information is 100% Safe & Secure
  • Flexible Payments: We offer flexible payment options to best match your situation and what will work for you.

Mr. Money

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